Wednesday, February 27, 2008

moving companies

My aunt who lives in Fresh Meadows, New York recently leased an apartment unit to be near her workplace. She currently works as a resident doctor at North Shore Hospital in New York. Being single and alone in New York, one of her main problem is transporting her appliance and furniture which she accumulated over the years to her new home. Moreover, with no help it will be difficult for her to move her stuff from one place to another.

Good thing I introduced her to a safe and new moving companies I browsed on the web. The service network moving company is perfect for a busy person like my aunt. It provides network of vast moving companies. All with good reputation, professional movers and provides licensed and insured services. Great value too with their pre-negotiated rates and almost 65% savings on the moving services. Ain’t that great and efficient value-offer?

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Thea said...

woohoo! go, go, go! ang dami ah! ;)

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