Friday, February 15, 2008

securing your identity

As the old cliché goes, you can lose everything except your identity or personality. But nowadays, even that is no longer safe. You can now be stripped of your identity or, much worse, fraudulently impersonated for something sinister. This is no joke … things like this do happen. Remember the movie of Sandra Bullock a few years ago titled The Net? In the film, Sandra’s identity was literally “erased from the face of the earth”. That is how easily one’s personality can be intruded. Although the movie portrays fictitious circumstances, these things do happen in our everyday lives.

You need not be a victim. Fight back and protect yourself from identity theft. These incidents can be prevented if only you are aware. That is why I am thinking of getting LifeLock’s services. It assures its clients up to $1,000,000 … guaranteed! Now, talk about being worth a million bucks! Lifelock is America’s leading identity theft protection program that literally ensures your identity intact and confidential.

Moreover, since identity theft can happen in the most common of situations, LifeLock even has a standard service of protecting your identity even in the event of as simple as losing one’s wallet. How many times do you or have heard of experiences that deals with a lost wallet? This is now already a thing of the past. With Lifelock, your pertinent documents such as driver’s license and social security cards can easily be retrieved without the hassles. So remember, the next time you think that identity theft is only for the movies … think again … think LifeLock.
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