Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sink shopping online

When we are doing our house construction two years ago, I specifically asked our contractor to splurge and install good quality materials on two parts of the house: kitchen and bathrooms. I particularly insist on high quality and durable fixtures such as tiles, faucets, showers and sinks since this is subject to wear and tear over time. True to his word, he made sure to install good quality fixtures such as shower heads and faucets from Kohler. Kinda pricey compared to other bathroom fixture brands, but really durable and tested over time. Hence, when I saw available farmhouse sinks on the net, I immediately asked him to consider using this for our guest bathroom. Well aside from using durable marble material, aesthetic-wise, it will blend very well with our modern-minimalist theme. Unfortunately with the house-turn over deadline to complete, it was impossible to purchase the sink online. But nevertheless, hubby and I vowed on our next house construction (hopefully couple of years from now); will definitely place our order ahead of time.

black marble farmhouse sink 18" x 30" x 10.5"

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