Saturday, July 5, 2008

blogging from medical city.

So this is me a day after my surgery. Kinda pasaway pa din. Still blogging, checking out online stuff available on the web (mostly on sale due to 4th of July holiday), learning twitter, chatting and sending YM messages to my friends..and yes, really bored and can't stop web surfing!

My doctor caught me online yesterday and asked me to stop working!! No stressful activity for me! --- working daw?! lol. Nope, doc! more of shopping siguro! my stress-reliever! hahaha!

Anyway, I heart my surgeon so much. He's really good. Very accommodating and always checks on me. He usually do his rounds twice a day, morning and afternoon to check my progress regularly. He also ensures I am ok and in no pain. He even tried to follow my request of "no visible marks for the incision please!" and made sure the marks hidden through my usual neck creases. I was told by one of the resident doctors they had a difficult time removing the cyst since the incision was quite far from my actual lump. Ang vain ng pasyente kasi!! lol. But really thankful he obliged to my request.

So my heartfelt thanks to my surgeon, Dr. Michael Edmond Dazo and the rest of the surgery team. Thank you also to Dr. Erik Pascual (cardio) and Dr. Coz (anaesthesiologist). Thank you for the safe and successful operation. :)


Gracie said...

good to know your operation went well :)

mm said...

what happen to u jacq? get well soon

cane said...

uy, hope you get well, sana wala nga mark hehehe sayang naman kung magkascar

Kelly said...

i'm very glad you had a safe operation :) teka, bakit ka ba nagkaron ng cyst in the first place?

Shiela said...

you don't look like you had an op...obvious na lang kasi sa bandage.

what happened then? i hope you are ok now :)

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