Tuesday, July 29, 2008

make up essentials

Thanks Gracie for this tag. I am hoping someone to tag me this ... otherwise, will snag it from Kelly sana. Pathetic ba? Hahaha!

I don't put so much make up. In fact, I don't know how to put make-up! My kikay kit consist of basic essentials only. Actually, just in case my kikay pouch gets lost, ay patay na... I need to buy the entire stuff! Hahaha! Also, I am one boring make up user and absolutely a BRAND loyalist. I just stick to the basics and my hiyang products. I am afraid to experiment and try new products, for fear of getting acne and skin allergies. It would be best to stick with the natural ingredients than look for the best acne treatment for the skin. Saves you lots of money ... and time too!

So what are my type five beauty/make-up essentials.

1. CLINIQUE 3-step skin care.

I started using this more than five years ago. I love this stuff. Hiyang face ko. (parang commercial noh?!) But, I am so "tamad" to strictly follow the regimen. I regularly use the soap (kasi nasa bathroom sink) then when I am in rush ... moisturizer na lang. The set includes moisturizing soap, clarifying lotion and dramatically-different moisturizer.
2. CLINIQUE stay matte sheer pressed powder. Preferred color: stay neutral for my skin complexion.
3. CLINIQUE eye-shadow quad. So love the earth-tone colors. Easy to layer and easy blend.
4. BODY SHOP liquid eye-liner. Easy to use and with it's liquid consistency, easy to create the dramatic look.

5. BODY SHOP Lip and Cheek Stain -- so love this! I think most of the girls use this magic wand wonder. Gives you the "flushed" look anytime! So tweetums! Hahaha!
Actually, I have few non-negotiable essentials such as my Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer, MAC and Clinique lipsticks and Maybelline double lash mascara. But since I was tagged to give five items only ... of course need to follow. lol.

Care to share your make up essentials Chat, JoyD and Tet?


Aggie said...

CLinique Moisturizer lang ung nahiyang sa akin nung teenager pa ako..sayang I cant afford it LOL

Kelly said...

clinique lady ka pala. jacqui, may kulang dito sa post mo. yung participants list! =D

Gracie said...

i like the Clinique Moisturizer, too. i use it on my face in the morning.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi aggie,

oo nga..pa-mahal ng pamahal na yan moisturizer. kaya ako, sa US ako pabili ng stock. mahal kasi rustan's eh! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

ay kelly, sorry forgot the participants post...na-excite sa make up lang!

yes, clinique forever...brand loyalist noh?! :)

re: black bag ... di ko kaya chanel! pang down na ng auto yun price nya eh :) baka EPI na lang nga... what do you think of PRADA bags? Ok ba? wala pa kasi ako nun eh :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi Gracie,

me too... feeling ko pag wala moisturizer...parang kulang! :)

sana lang bumaba price nya ... asa pa ako! :)


jacqui! done na with the tag. grabe hirap ako maghanap ng pics hahaha..:)


musta party planning for sam? kay ize din magstart na ako kaso hinde ko alam kung magpaparty nga ba kame or hinde hahaha...:)

grabe! sarap ng feeling makitang magaling na silang magwrite..hay sana tuloy tuloy hehee.. :)

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