Tuesday, July 8, 2008

living in style : wireless home theater system

Being stuck at home after the surgery doesn't mean I am all useless. Since I am enjoying my two-week office hiatus, I've diverted all my attention to beautifying our home and probably do some home improvement. I've been planning to do some changes in our bedroom and family room for months now and I think this is the perfect time for me to do just what I've dreamed of.
For starters, I am thinking of fixing our home theater in our family room. For months now, I've slowly transformed our family room to office work area due to the location of our internet and phone outlets. I've been bugging the husband to change our existing internet modem to wireless router to lessen all the exposed wires and cables in our family room. Aside from the modem cables, the exposed wires of our home theater system is also an ugly and messy sight. Makes the room cluttered and dangerous for kids to play around.

Luckily, I found on the net wireless home theater systems I've been dreaming to have for my family room. SONY BRAVIA Wireless Home Theater in Black. It has a 5.1 DVD home-theater system powered with wireless speakers for multi room audio streaming. Very sleek and stylish looking. Can easily be combined with our existing Sony TV to complete the home theater experience. Price really affordable too. I was able to view several wireless home theater brands at shopwiki.com, and I find this item very affordable considering the reliable brand, SONY. The site not only provides various models and brands to choose from, but I can even get the item at the best listing price of the stores Now that is real savings! I am sure this baby will look awesome in our living room. Perfect answer to my cable-free prayers. And with a lazy-boy arm chair to boot, that would definitely be living in style!

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Charlotte said...

I prefer to buy best quality of electronics... Thanks for this useful information about wireless home theater system!!

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