Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AWK Tag No. 2

Another long over due tag. Thanks Aggie for this. I really enjoyed doing it. Makes me appreciate all the beautiful things (and people) around me.

My hap-ee thoughts :
1. husband --- who loves me so much. patient and understanding to all my topaks and whims.
2. samantha --- her small things makes me happy everyday. her i love you's, shower kisses, thank you's and please makes me happy. or by simply hearing her voice saying sweetly, oh momma ...aaww,melts my heart.
3. ico --- happy seeing him so grown up, responsible, smart and very gentle. watching him follow his diet makes me one proud mom!
4. my mom --- despite our weird relationship,she's someone i can't live with but can't live without! lol.
5. our house --- simple, functional and clean
6. my bathroom --- my heavenly sanctuary!! always a delight whenever i am here. happy to have my overhead shower, my scented-candles, my loofah, my body shop african salt scrub and lotion, mint foot scrub, my celeateque facial wash ... basta love everything in it!
7. my helpers --- for keeping our house clean and orderly...and for cleaning our bathrooms daily!
8. the internet --- keeps me connected to the outside world. for giving me blogging friends, for all the rakets, extra moolah and online shopping.
9. my laptop (s) --- co-exists with my internet. keeping me company these days.
10. for dvd player --- keeps me sane aside from inet. for letting me enjoy dvd marathon ie: greys anatomy s4, csi vegas s8, dr. house s4.
11. for coke zero --- my perfect excuse for drinking soda. no sugar, baby!
12. munchies by doritos --- all-in cheese indulgence: cheetos, pretzels, doritos and sun chips! a little bit of everything.
13. plain M&Ms --- oohh-lalala melts in your mouth!
14. yaya jenny --- for taking care of sam ie: meals, vitamins,bath, etc... for all her malasakit.


Aggie said...

COKE ZERO forever!!!!!! Inggit ako sa bathroom mo :( Hehehe.

Aggie said...

Thank you for sharing you Hap-EE Thoughts!!! More thoughts to come :)

The third installment of the Aggie Wants To Know Series is up! It's intimidating at first but Im sure you'll enjoy reading it once you are done! You can do your own thing too - I just want to know how the the first six months of 2008 went for you :) I hope you join!

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