Sunday, July 13, 2008

shoe hunt for kuya

Ico went home the other day from school asking if I can get him new pair of school shoes. As per him, the last pair of shoes I bought is too dressy for his everyday use. Dressy, eh? Never thought of that. He is asking me if I can get him more of a rugged, sport-type of school shoes that he can use for running and brisk walking. Well, you know how teen kids are. Anyway, I saw on the web nice, durable and comfortable shoes that would fit his preference, Ecco shoes. Aside from the stylish design and comfort, I've read reviews that the product uses 100% environment-friendly materials from production, packaging to the finished product itself. Something notable and worth considering these days. I think he'll love the idea of shopping while helping the environment. Anyway, I hope he'll approve of my design choices below. Otherwise, I'll be back to shoe hunting again.

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