Friday, July 4, 2008

AWK Tag No. 1

Our dear friend Aggie started this weekly fun tag.

Topic No. 1: Life After the Wedding - the Married Life.
What are the things you want them to know about life after the wedding?
Just like Aggie said, It's no bed of roses nor a fairytale ending with no "and they live happily ever after ..." ending. The couples must work together, learn to accept each other, warts and all ... and compromise!!
If there is one thing I learned from my husband, the word compromise works for us! (though sometimes I do get my own way! lol.) It does't mean giving-in easily but you find ways to meet half-way and agree on something.
Like I've said to my blogger friends before, I guess it helps that my hubby is the level-headed one, the more "mature" person in our relationship. Despite all my complaints and yaking on about anything, he lets me see everything in different perspective ... not just my "own" selfish perpsective. O di ba, tina-tyaga nya i-explain lahat sa akin! :) Which makes me appreciate and understands everything better.
Secondly, HUMILITY. Yes, you and your hubby fight or argue sometimes but that doesn't mean it is the end of the world for both of you. After the heated fight, I always notice with some couple "pride" steps-in. Making it hard to talk, listen and forgive. Recognize that you've hurt each others feeling when fighting by throwing hateful words. But after the fight, one must be humble to apologize or say sorry. It doesn't mean saying sorry the other person is right...but sorry that you said those hateful words. ( I am lucky that hubby always take the initiative to start talking and saying sorry after an argument. If not, super pride ako... baka lagi na kami wala na-resolve every away! hehehe!)


Aggie said...

The husband is a psychologist nga!!!! Humility humility humility. Di ata uubra sa akin yan- saksakan ko din na pride na tao, LOL

Thanks for doing the tag jacqui!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

ei aggie,

naku dapat sya pala pinagawa ko ng tag noh?! baka madami tayo payo nakuha! nyahahaha!

will do the 2nd tag na today. Hehehe!

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Kelly said...

ma-pride din ako jacqui =D baket ba tayo ganito??

Aggie said...

Thank you for sharing your insights to AWK: The Married Life. The recap is posted - I hope you read everyone's entries!

The third installment of the Aggie Wants To Know Series is up! It's intimidating at first but Im sure you'll enjoy reading it once you are done! You can do your own thing too - I just want to know how the the first six months of 2008 went for you :) I hope you join!

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