Thursday, July 24, 2008

beauty schools

My best friend and I been thinking of starting up a business venture that we would like to take as a sideline from our present work. We thought of putting up a business with small investment requirement and of course, something we are so passionate about and we both love … a beauty salon! We saw a very good potential market for our beauty clinic (including spa services) inside our neighborhood. We admit, we are both novice when it comes to beauty-related industry but we found there are available beauty schools on the net such as Regency Beauty Institute. With its in-depth training program recognized by the US Department of Education, getting good quality cosmetic education will be no problem. The school offers training program that will suit our business requirement. My friend who is more the artistic one can enroll in their hairstyling program to learn the basic and advance haircutting and styling techniques. While I am more interested on the business side of the salon, I can enroll on salon business and retailing program. I also like the unique training approach it provides its students. The curriculum includes workshops, rehearsals and performance based approach that ensures students learn more and get the best quality education from the beauty school. Truly an ideal school for beginners like us.

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