Saturday, June 28, 2008

on school dilemma

Last week was a very busy week for me. Busy not because of work, but busy with the little girl's school problem. It never occured to me that I'll have a last minute school dilemma. Crazy, don't you agree? Just when all the kids all over the metro already started their schooling, I am still looking for the right school for my bratinella on the last week of June. Hahaha!

To read more about my dilemma, do check it out here.

Anyway, a very important decision was made in less than 24 hours. After seeking various inputs from other mommy bloggers, friends, parent colleagues and with my MIL we've finally decided to enrol Samantha to a new school, St. Paul Pasig for nursery. It was a very tough decision for us since we are pro-Poveda education eversince. We know once we've decided ... no more turnng back for the next years. But nevertheless, we know we've made the right decision. To know more details how we arrived enrolling Sam to St. Paul, read here.

Some poveda pictures I got during the parents orientation ...

Poveda play area and classroom

newly-built and adorable kiddie bathroom

Poveda school uniform in shade of pink, blue and yellow


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