Saturday, June 7, 2008

Diet Blues 3: problem on losing weight

With one week to go before my birthday, I don't think I can do the impossible! That is, losing 115lbs from my current weight now. I know I failed with hubby's challenge, and I hate myself for being lazy and stubborn for not completing my diet.

1. I've got no discipline with my excercise routine. I never challenged nor exerted extra effort to complete my twice a week jogging routine. I am happy with my usual jogging pace, never increasing or pushing my body to the limit.

2. No drastic change on my food intake. I still eat one cup of rice for lunch and dinner, and still skipping breakfast meals! Very bad. Late night food delivery decreased, but replaced with chips and cookies instead.

3. Soda intake remains the same. Instead of Coke light or regular, fell in love with Coke Zero!

4. Fruit intake was not religiously practiced.

Hence, I am still at my orginal ground zero.

Because of this, it made me think of drastic measures to win our bet. I am thinking of taking diet pills or liposuction treatment to shed off the 15lbs excess immediately. Quick remedy, eh? But honestly, I am too chicken to subject myself for any surgical procedures. I am hell-scared to try it!

Besides, I need to stop any diet plans for now. It seems I have a thyro-glossal problem since the doctors found a lump (or cyst) on my throat. This need to be removed immediately. I am still in the process of completing all my lab tests and CT scans so I can have my biopsy late this week. Hopefully no scary or malignant cyst can be found. And I am hoping this is just a normal procedure. Well, this is another story. Will just post about this next time.

Thus for now, the diet can wait... need to ensure I am healthy before I can go back to my diet plans! :)

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