Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Birthday Treat

Another year passed, a little bit older and perhaps wiser ...

Just had simple birthday treat this time with no fuss and frills! Just enjoyed my day with the people I love: hubby, Ico, Sam and my family. Nothing spectacular but simply enjoyed my moment with them.

I guess as one gets older, you appreciate the simple and finer things in life. Hahaha! I can't believe I am saying these things. But seriously, I just want to spend quiet time with my family this year.

Next year, will be different. I already told my friends expect dinner-dance party on my next birthday. So, party on next year!! lol.

Posted here my birthday treat ...

In case you are wondering, I didn't get any birthday gift from hubby...yet! He promised another travel plan for me this year. He'll be leaving for Japan or Korea anytime this quarter for work. He told me I can join him. Weeee!! I was delighted, of course. As I blogged before...I love to see Japan. One of my dream travel destination. I guess I need to check visa requirements and secure my travel health insurance prior our trip. Oh, just cant wait!

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