Sunday, June 1, 2008

airline promo and travel deals

Last week, I was surprised when my friend told me that Cebu Pacific offered the zero rate promo. I was told the promo was really tempting since it offered over 100,000 seats both for domestic and international travel. My friend got their tickets at almost P8K per pax for Singapore travel. Truly a good value for a budget-tourist conscious like me. The promo was open for one week booking period, with travel period until October 31, 2008. Upon hearing this, I immediately checked the web for best travel deals for Bangkok. But sadly, I missed getting the good promo seats for travel. That is, the weekend deals! You see, to enjoy Bangkok flea market at Chatuchak you need to be here during weekends. Unfortunately, open promo slots falls on weekdays. And the husband was hesitant to get the weekdays since he was still unsure of his work schedule ... as always! Anyway, I am sure there will be other promo days for Cebu Pacific, and definitely this won't be their last promo for the year. I am hoping by this husband can get definite sked of his vacation leave. Oh well...'till my next travel plans.

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