Saturday, June 7, 2008

late spring cleaning

Yes, I am doing some spring cleaning recently. Kinda late and out of season since summer is already here, but my files in my old laptop need to be transferred ASAP. My old IBM laptop holds all my personal and work-related files, documents, network configurations, pictures and video since 2003. Thus, I need to do major clean up of folders for transfer before I turn over my old-jurassic IBM laptop.

Surprisingly, as I was cleaning and sorting my file folders, I opened the biggest memory space files I've collected over the years! Some videos taken by my reliable DVD camcorder with family holidays clips, while others, videos downloaded over the internet. It is easy to discard videos dowloaded over the net, but sorting the family holidays and events kinda difficult to do in one day. I am thinking of doing it like a major project, editing the video and provide closed captioning for entertainment and memorablia purposes. One big project that need to be started soon!
But for now, priority sorting and spring cleaning of important file documents must be completed! Good thing tomorrow is another holiday off, got extra time in my hands to finish my spring cleaning.

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