Thursday, June 19, 2008

bling bling for the little girl

Bought nothing fancy for myself for my birthday last time. We vowed not to get anything expensive since we are up for another travel anytime soon. But, of course that was my husband speaking! Little did he know I plan to indulge myself with a little luxury this month... not for me, but for my little girl. While doing the shoot last week, my mom noticed that most of Sam's jewelry is made of white gold. She told me it would be nice if I invest on buying yellow gold too. It may not be the "in" trend these days but definitely the yellow gold's charm will be back and it will really be worth investing. Totally agree with her. As a matter of fact I still use some of my yellow gold jewelry set, my cartier bangles and lucky charms with gold chain bracelet. Yes, I do love my yellow gold bling-blings. I had them for years and years and still the beauty hasn't faded. Now I am considering getting her this yellow gold bracelet with charms too! I think this will perfectly fit her small wrist. Don't you agree?

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