Sunday, June 29, 2008

getting ready for the bridal shower

Just received a call from my colleague requesting for party and game ideas for the bridal shower of our colleague, Anne this coming August. I am so excited to spill out all the daring and kinky ideas that I so want for a wild but fun bridal shower, and this will be the perfect time to do it since most of the guests are matured enough to have the fun!

For starters, I shared with her the site I found on the net that offers fabulous costumes for private show! From sexy lingerie, nurse costumes , fairy-tale costume and all the costumes you can ever think of are available on this site. Then the fun games for girls of kiss-and-tell. Lastly, the bridal shower will not be complete without the gorgeous guys for “sexy dancing fun”! Oh so excited! And with less than a month to go, need to source out bridal shower suppliers asap! :)

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