Monday, June 16, 2008

medical drug reference software

This coming Thursday, all my laboratory results will be released. I am a little bit anxious with the biopsy results I am afraid to hear the big “C” word! Hahaha…not that we have history of “C” but I am still nervous of the outcome of the test. Well, one of my bad traits … I am a big-time worrier when it comes to health concerns. Hubby’s been telling me not to worry too much since he read on the internet that my thyro-glossal cyst not that malignant or dangerous. It will be just a normal procedure that I need to undergo to remove the blockage in my throat. Hah, easy for him to say since it’s not his throat on the surgical table!
Anyway, I am sure I am in good hands under the care of one of the best E.E.N.T surgeon. Aside from his good medical reputation, I noticed he’s using latest technology for surgery. As a matter of fact, I saw him using his PDA with medical drug reference software. Really cool and up-to-date listings of prescription, medication and diagnostics available for medical practitioners like him. With this gadget, my doctor is mobile and efficient in prescribing medicines to his patients anytime and anywhere.

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