Monday, June 2, 2008

computer savvy or geeks?

Computer geeks? I don’t think so…

This is currently my work/blogging area at home. The area is supposedly our TV/family room but we haven’t prepared yet our home theatre entertainment system. Our entertainment system can still be found in our living room. No time to move the cables yet.

Anyway, the laptop on the left is my old IBM Think Pad. I love this to the max! Got this about 5 years ago and it served its purpose very well. Really, really reliable and durable! As a matter of fact, it withstood several accidents (ie: drastic fall) and it never bogged down. Sadly, I need to replace this unit for it requires higher RAM and memory upgrade.

The laptop in the middle is hubby’s home-use or personal notebook. He loves this Compaq Pressario so much. He initially bought it for work-related activities such as configuring routers or acts as his remote access office tool. But, I usually use his laptop for blogging. Why? Higher memory capacity, darling! Faster download. Can open several applications or websites simultaneously. Hehehe! Btw, I love watching video downloads using this notebook too! Heroes and Prison Break series also stored here. Aside from videos, this baby serves as our mini-server. Most of our pictures stored inside this baby.

The smallest laptop on the right is my newly-company issued IBM Think Pad T-61series. 2GB Hard drive memory. Finally, after five years got the upgraded version of my IBM jurassic laptop. Hehehe! My new baby! Like my old laptop, with CD-RW, DVD ready with PCMIA slot and wifi-access ready. New feature: offers finger-scanning log-in. Cool, huh?! I am still trying to navigate my way using this laptop. Too sensitive for my touch! and I simply don't like it! lol.

Hmmm...too many notebooks eh?! My next project is the wifi router installation here at home. Might get the Linksys installed by next week. This way, hubby and I can browse the web simultaneously even inside the bathroom...hahaha! Well, that is being a computer geek now!! lol.


Gracie said...

Hi Jacqui!

We have the same laptop, pero mine’s for work naman. They issued me an IBM Think Pad T40 in 2005, pero they’ve changed mine to a T61 last February (like yours!). But I agree that the older one is more durable – IBM pa kasi ang nag-issue. Now, the IBMs are made by Lenovo na.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

yup, I really miss the old laptops by IBM. Durable and very reliable.

I can't say anything yet on my new T61. Hopefully, will perform better than my old laptop. Let's see.

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