Sunday, June 15, 2008

derma visit

To this date, I am still looking for effective natural acne treatment for my son Ico. I've tried several creams and ointment to minimize his blackheads and pimples, and yet the acne problem still persists. Out of desperation, brought Ico last week to a dermatologist for consultation and medication, I was told that the pimple breakout is nothing but normal due to hormonal changes he's experiencing now. He's entering puberty stage and the acne phase is just normal for teenagers. To minimize the acne, my son was advised to regularly wash his face with non-comodogenic soap, limit oily food intake, complete sleeping hours and avoid skin irritation by pricking the unwanted pimples. Hopefully with these simple steps, my son will have clearer and acne-free face by the time school starts.

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