Monday, June 30, 2008

first day of class

Woke up early today , 6AM!! I am rarely awake during this time. But today, is a different day. This will be the start of the many school days of our lives! I have a school girl now and I need to change my daily habits. No more late night dinner and blogging. I need to be up and perky everyday for the little girl.

I am very much excited since its Sam's first day of school. So eagerly excited that I prepared the night before all her school things. And this morning, prepared her baon too!
Check out how simple her snacks today: oreo cookies, hotdogs, chuckie drink and grape juice.

Tomorrow's snack menu: munchkins, chips ahoy, chukie and juice. Hah, I am prepared with two-week snack menu. Just hope she won't get tired of her baon. Hehehe!

For full details of Sam's first day school jitters ... read here.


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