Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In need of financial assistance

Just received a call from my Mom. Asking me if possible to extend financial assistance to my brother who is now in the middle of house construction. I was told that my brother's house budget went a little overboard ... did not expect price of construction materials will be greatly affected with the gas price increase. I was not surprised at all ... I know this will happen. I truly undersand my brother's predicament since I've experienced the same dilemma three years ago. Good thing I was able to convince my Mom to invest her money to a money-lending business. Her money earns at two percent interest monthly, quite big return comparing to bank's annual interest rate. I told her to be a little bullish and try investing on stocks and bonds. I saw one great site on the net that provide assistance to novice trader like her. Probably secure help of futures broker to ensure her investments will be financially secured. Well, my Mom is quite interested. Higher interest return, more investment option, much better way we can help our brother raise his much needed financial assistance.

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