Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Treat

June is one of my expensive (and splurge) month. Next to December’s holiday shopping, and May's tuition fee enrollment. It will be my birthday this Saturday and Father’s Day on June 15. Supposedly, double celebration this weekend but hubby and I agreed not to do anything grand this year. For one, I’ve decided to donate and extend financial assistance to my officemate who has a baby suffering from biliary artesia or liver disease. Secondly, I may be up for a surgical procedure anytime this month to remove my growing thyro-glossal duct cyst. Hopefully, the cyst found not malignant but just benign that need to be surgically removed immediately.

Anyway, despite of non-splurge gift or treat, I am thinking of giving hubby something special this Father’s Day. Since we recently had our family vacation in Disneyland HK, I plan to surprise him with digital frame to showcase our travel pictures. Or better yet, showcase some of Sam’s growing up pictures to capture best moments of her life. I think this would be a lovely gift idea, don't you think so?

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