Thursday, November 1, 2007

Remembering the dead ... our cemetery trip

My Nov 1 mornings usually spent with Papa at Heritage Memorial Park, Taguig. As early as 8am we were already here to visit and pray for Papa. I so love going here since the place is not crowded. No traffic at C5, parking is not a problem and lot of specialty food booths like Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers, Chowking and Wendys. Yummy! :)

Btw, this is our usual "reunion" time with Papa's Chinese family.

Family brother Raymond, Jean and Adrian. Me, Ico and Sam with Papa peacefully resting.

Together with my Mom ....

Ironic?! Love this picture... see my Papa's Chinese family on the left , and see us on the right side. O di ba...we live in perfect peace and harmony! Dedma lang...Bwahaha!

Sam and Kuya Ico just love the open space. Can't stop running! :)

Mommy and Sammie while waiting for breakfast...obvious ba low batt na si Sam! lol.

Got so hungry... went to Bonifacio Global High for lunch but ended up eating at Hap Chan Market! Market! since most of the restos at Serendra on holiday break. You see, our family so love Chinese food... particularly Yang Chow fried rice!

With Sam and my niece Adrian...

Afternoons spent with Mike's lolo at Evergreen Memorial Place at C. Raymundo Pasig. MIL usually delegates food items per family while she's in charge of flowers, candles and tent. We were tasked to bring pizza as always for the family!

Why I so love it here? Aside from the place quite near to our house (20 mins away!), lots of street food available at this area. Mike and I had yummy balut, penoy, isaw, ihaw tenga,quail eggs, cotton candy and dirty ice cream. Hahaha!
Mike ate so much isaw last night and he's complaining of tummy ache this morning! takaw kasi! lol.

with hubby's cosuins and my dear MIL (standing). Btw, nice flowers Mommy!

Mike with his cousins Dannah and Shai shai. And look how they love eating the dirty ice cream!


Apols said...

hi jacqui,

ganda diyan sa heritage ang laki laki! pati parang playground siya or golf course ng mga bata. haha. andrew loves it there nung nag visit kami one time :)

popcorn said...

The reunions that usually happen on Nov 1 during cemetery visits are one of the things that I miss most... maybe, even comparable to how much I miss Christmas.

Sad naman to read the words "Dad's Chinese Family"... parang segregated kayo...

abie said...

sis, ang laki na ni sam..

pareho sila ni bela, super enjoy sa sementeryo...feeling nya ang laki ng playground nya.

tc sis.

Peachy said...

wow, food trip ah! :) goodluck on ur little girl's party :)

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