Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Party at Bayan

We just came back from a Hallowen Trick or Treat held at our office and I am happy to say it was a fun-filled (and tiring!) day.

It was a very succesful event this year considering the number of kids joined was overwhelming compared to previous years event.

Kudos to our HR team who made sure that the kids had fun by providing entertainment such as clown host, games and magic show. The best part ... trick or treatin' parade from various department/divisions of Bayantel.

Sam went home with tons of loots! In fact, a big plastic bag full of candies, lollipops, jellies and chips! Can't wait for her to join next year.

Sam's pictures while waiting for the program to start

Trick or Treatin' with Jody and Margaux....

Overwhelmed with the Magic Show

Oh no, crying lady bug again...Sammie got scared with the clown host.

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Jenny said...

Sam is so cute in her ladybug costume! I always thought costumes for kids were unnecessary expenses, since they outgrow it so fast, but since I became a mom, that thought flew out the window! Next year I will definitely dress up my little girl in a costume. :)

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