Thursday, November 22, 2007

Samantha's Art Class_ Ballet

Mommy is so excited! Tomorrow will be Sam's first ever ballet class!

As part of their usual Friday arts and crafts activity, ballet will be taught to students. Great activity, huh?!? How come I don't have this kind of fun activity when I was young? lol.

Anyway, Teacher Wendy told me last week to get Sam ballet outfits that she can use for class. She told me to get her pink thights, leotards and dancing shoes. While she's talking my mind was already blinking with shopping signals!! Hahaha! You mean I'll do some shopping for Sam?!?! Woohoohoho!

Oh my.. I got so excited last weekend and I shopped for two sets of ballet outfits for Sam! I bought not only pink..but got black set from Yvonne's at SM Makati. Hahaha..ultimate pasaway ba ang Mommy?! Well, I was thinking black and pink combination would be nice. Wala break the monotonous pink outfit! Hahaha! How about tutus? I love the tutus! I want to get one but hubby stopped me and called me OA na! Hahaha!

Just to share...If ever there was one frustration I had during my childhood years, It was not being able to learn ballet. I was so envious with my classmates who were enrolled in a ballet class. They looked so pretty, so girly and so poised! Hahaha! How I wish my parents had money to send me to ballet school...oh well! :)

Anyway, will post Sam's picture tomorrow. Will ask yaya to take her pictures kasi Mommy will be at work. :(

1 comment:

Kelly said...

hi jacqui, naku kung may babae din ako malamang bumili din ako ng dalawang sets! lol :)

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