Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Star Blogger Award and thoughts on blogging...

I was so touched when Melisse gave me this award... Thanks girl! Thank you for recognizing my blogging efforts ha despite knowing I lead a very busy corporate life. :)

I am really trying to keep up with blogging and if possible, do paid opps like other SAHM's. But I guess I cannot do all of these things at this time. You see, my work is really demanding! I work in a service-provider company that requires my complete attention on servicing client's needs. I must ensure they are happy and satisfied with our service. Hence, if you notice, most of my blog posts done during night time, weekends or holidays. Because this is my "free time" whenever I am at home. As much as possible, I try to be "present" with my family before I do any extra-activties on the net. :)

I love, love blogging... I love it so much since this my outlet or link to my web-friends out there. With blogging, I gain new friends. I learn new things. And most of the time, I can relate to blogging kwentos shared by other mommy bloggers . I enjoy reading every post especially if its all about family, raising children or just simply venting out daily experience of a Mom.

Believe me, I love reading personal blogging kwentos than paid opps! :) Don't get me wrong ha...I don't have anything against paid opps post. (hehehe! aside from di ako marunong mag-paid opps!) But I enjoy reading posts if its all about you and your family. This way, I get to know more about you, your life as a wife and Mom! :)

Suprsingly, I've read some sentiments of other mommy bloggers who can't keep up with blogging and family. Financial rewards may be very lucrative..and boy, I was really tempted to join the hungry wolves bandwagon! But after reading some realizations and insights lately...I guess paid blogging really not meant for me. I work full-time in the corporate world and raising my family is my priority too! This is my chosen career. And I cannot serve two masters at the same time, huh?!

Thus, I am passing the star blogger award to all the Mommy bloggers who can deal with corporate career, family life and paid blogging! (Aggie, Abie,Apols, Annette, Apple and Nice) Truly deserving to get this award... hat's off to you, girls!


Apols said...

thanks jacqui!!!!!

alam mo ba im a bad reader of blog imagine i SKIM lang the blogs with paid opps and i get to the personal blog details lang hahaha.... :P

i havent started with paid blogging yet i feel like i already failed in a way i cant get to update my site often.

I love razons too :P Last week we were there having dinner. Parang heaven :P

Aggie said...

Uy Thanks Jacqui :D

The Xmas Village Factory is in Lacson/Forbes, pagbaba ng Nagtahan, andun na sya (Makati).

They have a web site

Hope this helps, nice ung mga Santas nila actually :D

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