Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blog Tag Marathon 3 : How did motherhood changed you?

I was tagged by Nice of momma stuff. Sorry Nice, took me forever to answer this. :)

Blog Tag 3 : How has motherhood changed me?

1. I appreciate life more than ever. I used to be happy go-lucky type of person but when I became a Mom, I became more responsible in my actions.

2. I learned to prioritize. Especially sacrificing my wants (short, luho!) vs what we need. Now, I mostly do sensible buying.

3. I became financially wise and learned to save for rainy days!

4. I became fat. Yes, from a 95 lbs to 120+ body weight! From a 23 in waistline to 30+ waistline.

5. Family comes first! No compromise. Mike, Ico and Sam before myself or other people.

1 comment:

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

super payat ka pala dati jacqui. Ako never akong nag 23 na waistline.

And same din tayo sa #5. I've learned to put family first above everything else.

Thanks for doing the tag and it was not late. :)


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