Saturday, November 24, 2007

Samantha : the school girl

Since I am a working mom, I usually don't see Samantha prepare for school.

I always ask yaya to take pictures of her so hubby and I can see her daily activities. Then every night, as our bonding moments, we view the pictures together and ask Sam to talk about her day or anything about the picture.

Posting here some school pictures of Samantha...

Samantha with her pink ballet outfit ... pretty in pink noh!
(love your own talaga! hihihi!)

Sammie in her school uniform ... she walks to school everyday! (oh darn! forgot to get her black shoes again.. and her unifrom too big pa!)


Jane said...

wow, sam wears a uniform pala to school? cute!

i cant wait for sophia to weear a school uniform too :) next year june when she enters rosemont na :)

Joy said...

awww so cute! love her hair ha katuwa. musta naman si sam sa school?

Peachy said...

nice pics of sam in her ballet outfit ha :) i cant wait for joaqui to go to school.

popcorn said...

Does Sam enjoy her ballet lessons ?

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Jane.

Yup, she wears uniform na to school. Sad nga kasi she can't wear her kikay outfits to school na. Dami pa naman ako ask birthday gift na clothes for her. Hahaha!

Hi Joy,

Sam was able to adjust well naman. Di ba she started her class first of October far, positive naman feedback Teacher Wendy. And I can really see naman from her daily actions that she changed too.. she became a little independent! Di na baby! waahh! :)

You know, she prays every night "angel of god"... then after praying, she will sing good bye song and pretend she'll go out na of our room. hahaha! Mine-morize na yun activities hanggang uwian na! Hahaha!

Hi peachy and popcorn,

cutie noh in her ballet outfit! :) aliw na aliw talaga ako! Don't think serious ballet or formal class pa sila..for now, she enjoys twirling around..ok na yun! hahaha!

Happymommi said...

Hi jac,

so cute naman your little girl. :) i have a little girl too and id want her sana to take ballet class din when she's bigger na...:)
your entries are nice. makes me look forward to my daughters paglaki na rin:)

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