Thursday, November 15, 2007

Busy But Happy Week ...and our Red Party Celebration

It’s been a very busy week for me here at work. Busy but definitely, very rewarding week! In fact, it is one of my favorite weeks ever for 2007.

Why favorite?!? Received lots of moolah this week! I am so rich! Hahaha! As if madami noh! :)

Just to share some of my week highlights…

November 12, Monday :

Business Consultation Seminar with one of our big ISP client. After hours of service discussions, we ended up having dinner and drinks at Friday’s Timog. Yummy!! Went home super full that night. Haaay, no wonder I gained weight fast noh! :)

November 13, Tuesday :

Got call from hubby that he will be sent to Hawaii early January to attend Pacific Telecommunications Council. Woohoohooo! Sasama ako! I’ll force him to bring me talaga…and if di pwede, I’ll force him to buy me LV bag!! I found out that he will be staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village. I did my research on the internet and found out may LV store doon! Hahaha! Mamili sya.. he’ll bring me or he’ll buy me bags and shoes! Hahaha! (Hello, Speedy 30..lapit na tayo magkita or I come! hahaha!)

The good news pa…our September sales incentive was credited to my ATM that evening! Woohoohoo! Moolaah! Moolaah!

November 14, Wednesday:

Went to Coregidor Day Tour with one of my top clients, AT&T. My very first trip to Coregidor and I really enjoyed the tour. Went to historic place of Malinta tunnel and learned more on WW II Japanese-American liberation. I never thought I’ll enjoy this trip. Mommy bloggers, do check this out. Highly recommended if you want to learn something about our courageous war history. And of course, quick escape from Manila’s busy life!

After the tiring day, went to The Spa, Jupiter. Ultimate relaxation and pampering of self! Really love sauna and massage. My de-stressing activity! :)

Dinner followed at Prince of Jaipur at Fort Strip. Grabe ha, ang mahal dito! Hahaha! I am not a fan of Indian food talaga, di ako nag-enjoy!

Another good news… mid-month salary was credited to our payroll ATM. Woohohoo! More moolah, moolah, moolah pa!!

November 15, Thursday :

Bayan Red Party Celebration! Grand celebration for meeting our desired number of Bayan Wireless Subscribers (BWL)! Company effort talaga! Ang galing mo, Bayan! Really felt proud and happy that I am part of this momentous event.

And the great news… our half 13th month and 14th month bonus also credited to our ATM that evening! Wooohoohoo! Dami, dami mooolaah talaga!!

And for achieving our BWL target, we were even given additional half month bonus pa TAX FREE!! Woohooohoo!! Moolaah, moolaah again!! Weeeee! Ang yaman namin! Hahaha! :)

November 16, Friday:

After drinking party last night, the company gave us half day off from work pa! Yeheey! I was able to spend additional sleeping and cuddling hours with Sam. I miss this so much!! Then I brought her to school, had little chit chat with Teacher Wendy. Sam's doing well with school. I was told she interacts well with her classmates and very attentive to teacher's instructions. I also found out that she needs ballet outfilt for their arts activity. Hmmmm...Saturday, shopping time for Sammie!

** jody, ay...wala pala kami bonus!! wala!wala! wala! hahahaha!

Just to share... here are some of our Red Party Celebration pictures...

Ang galing mo, Bayan!

Bayan Business... drink 'til you drop!

Hala...Let's celebrate pa! Di naman mukha na talaga kami lasing noh!

Wala lang...Nag trip lang mga ito! Wait, may bonus pa ba dyan sa taas?!?

The Bayan Business Sales Team: pretty in RED!

Mike, Beng, Colleen, Michelle, Jacqui and Jovy

tired from non-stop dancing and drunk from vodka...but still RED-y to party!

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