Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gifts, gifts lots of gifts…

I was really happy that some family and friends heeded my request for clothes for Sam. I prefer to get something practical for Sam particularly clothes that she can wear everyday for school. I am not complaining though, but I feel that Sam got lots of toys inside her cabinets, some still unused and unopened while others were played with just once.

Hence, few days before her birthday I sent text messages to my family and close friends with a message: should you wish to give something to Sam, wish lists are as follows: size 6 clothes from gingersnaps or the likes ; XL Huggies pull-up diapers ; Enfagrow 4. Very practical Mom, huh! But mind you… I only sent this message to my really close friends, ninangs and family members! Hehehe!

Opening of gifts… baby organ from Lolo and Lola.

Aside from the baby organ, this keeps her busy now… kitchen set from Mommy and Daddy! I bought this gift two months ago at Rustan’s. I just placed the wrapped box inside her room and she never did touch the gift. Hahaha! Surprisingly, she was never curious with the big box inside her room. If it was me, I’ll definitely take a peek and be so excited about it especially big gift coming from Rustan’s pa! Wala ako EQ talaga! lol.

Got this kitchen set idea from Joy. I saw how Sandy was so engrossed playing with it and it seems really cool gift idea. I promised myself to give it also for Sam’s birthday. Now, she enjoys make-believe cooking and washing of plates with her mini-kitchen. Hahaha!


Jody said...

Hay! Inggit ako sa kitchen set. I finally convinced dicky to buy one for Margaux. Sabi nya, christmas gift na nga raw. I'm thinking to get the same or the one that alpha got from Toys R Us. Hay, finally pumayag na ang daddy! Wala na raw kasing space sa house bakit ba, gusto ko pa rin eh!

Jody said...

By the way, I hope kasya yung miniskirt we gave for Sam. Meron ding ganun si Margaux, it's so cute kasi.

Anonymous said...

ang daming toys ni sam! hehe ;) pampered na pampered xa a. cute pa nung kitchen na laruan nia. haiz. i wish i could bring back my childhood years.hehehe..

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi jacqui! That was a nice kitchen set you got there. :) Mukha ngang enjoy na enjoy si Sam.

And ok na rin yung maging practical kesa naman masayang lang yung mga gifts.


Mich said...

Jacqui, love ko talga yang kitchen set na yan. hopefully may mag-regalo kay alex this christmas hehehe!

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