Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mommy Bloggers EB Christmas Party

Everybody had a great time last Sunday. It was our first ever bloggers EB but surprisingly, you can feel the connection and bonding of mommies right away. Could it be because we've known so many things about each other through our blog posts and kwentos kaya no need for further introductions na?! Hahaha!

Anyway, here are some of our party pictures taken from my old point-and-shoot digicam.

Mommy Thea, Sam and Me

Mommy Apple, Austin, Sam and Me

Kids enjoying the coin shower... No rush talaga sila! Hahaha!

Mommy Jane with Sophia, Me and Sam, Mommy Agie with Martha

Kami ulit ...but this time, with Mommy Peachy and Mommy Joy

On to my Mommy blogger impressions...

The first Mommy blogger I saw is Aggie, think she's as jolly and ma-kwento like me. Aggie was all smile during the party too kaya I can feel that she got lots of mommy kwentos to share. I added Aggie on my list of blog rolls since I want to know more about her. Si Aggie lang yata wala ako link! :( Super cool also her son, Matthew. He participated during the game kahit little tots kasama, ok lang with him. Love Martha too..who would forget Martha walking around with chicken drumstick on her hand. Hahaha! Aliw talaga!

Then I saw Apols, who by the way was really totally different Apol character from her post. Hahaha! I had this imppression before that she's mataray and quite suplada...but on the contrary, she's so gentle and very soft-spoken. Hahaha! Thank you for organzing the party girl, you really made it happen for us. :)

Thea was seated near us, very friendly and I think quite shy too. Perhaps since she was kinda "new" to the group, she prefers to observe the brouhaha around her. I was so bilib with her since she came to the party wearing dress. Very girly ha..and no, you don't look preggy! Never thought of that! Dear, mas mukha pa ako preggy sa iyo believe me! Hahaha!

Jody arrived together with Dicky and the kids, Margaux and Bianca. Since Dicky and I are officemates, we get to see each other almost every quarter na ata. Be it during birthdays, company outings, simple office get-together and kahit sa LV shop! :) Madalas text mate pa kami ng mga "secret" buys and bonuses. Hahaha! I asked Dicky nga buti he was able to join the Mommy bloggers party, syempre nakakatuwa sagot nya... "ano magagawa ko, eh under ako!" hahaha! Di under yun noh, super love talaga ni Dicky si Jody. Bow ako! :)

Then I approaced Abie and Peachy at the play area. Grabe, parang di Mommies mga ito. So slim! Kainggit ha! :) Super nice kausap si Peachy. Very soft spoken and parang prim and proper lagi. I agree with other Mommy bloggers, talaga naman well-coordinated outfit ni Mommy Peachy! Hahaha! You realy looked good wearing black and white. Wish I could wear this one too! Abie so young-looking naman. You cut your hair short pala..kasi from your blog pictures, long hair ka pa :) I totally agree with other Mommies na para kayo magka-barkada ni Howell. Young couple talaga! Aliw si Howell ha, very game and kalog. Hahaha! Thanks Daddy Howell for making the team win with your booty-shaking! Got McDo prize for Sam! :)

Then I saw Mommy Joy. Really pretty and slim. Nice bangs! High-schooler ang dating! hahaha!Very accomodating and ma-kwento also like me. Pero sya yun gentler and soft spoken version ko ha! I love reading her blog post about her daughter Sandy. Sandy so girly too like you Mommy Joy! Very dainty! (Jane's apt description of Sandy) Siya din yun softer side ng Sam ko! Hahaha! I can still remember when Sandy and Sam was left at the gaming area gathering coins. Syempre no rush sila to pick up the coins, parang wala lang..simple task they need to complete lang. Really love the innocence of kids!

One of the Mommies I look forward meeting in person was Mommy Mich. She's very friendly and always make sure she leaves nice comments in my blog. I know she's one pretty Mom too and I can feel her warmth and kindness. Aliw din si, taba ching-ching! Ka-gigil! Hahaha!

I love reading Jane's blog post kaya I also look forward meeting her in person. Though I met her before at the Sesame Street Show, but that was simple hi and hello lang. No time for long chit-chat. Based on her posts, I am sure magkaka-sundo kami nito. We've got lots of things in common! And like her first impressions on me, I think kaya namin chika-marathon for hours din with any topic under the sun. Hahaha! Btw, her daughter Sophie really big talaga ha. Very pretty and taba-ching, grabe really "pata-tim girl"! Mommy Jane, ang diet ni Sophie...para pwede pang Miss Universe! Hahaha!

And of course, Kelly. Our best dressed, well-poised Mom! I really admire Kelly's commitment to join the party kahit wala si Manu. Sayang, you were not able to join some games. Ok lang yun, may next time pa naman. Hahaha! Dear, loved your blouse ha! I think I'll look much slimmer pa if I'll wear that too! (kapal no!)

Last Mommy who arrived, Apple. Straight from her party raket! I know Apple before pa since she's one of my suppliers for Sam's party. Very nice and simple Mommy. She's very accomodating and friendly too. Glad naka-habol pa si Apple. Sayang, no chance to chit-chat with her pa. Kulang na sa time!:) Thank you for the key-chains ha.

Anyway, after reading most of the post-party blog kwentos, I am pretty sure there will be next EB schedule. Bitin kasi kwentuhan and bentahan! Hahaha! Really girls, I look forward seeing you again. Had great time and enjoyed meeting you all! Hope we can all meet up again and share your blogging business secrets! Hahaha!

And for those Mommies who said I am "slim" pala in person, grabe... you really made me smile and feel good! Hahaha! Thank you for the kind words and compliments. Promise, will try to be "slimmer" next EB natin! Wish me luck, Hahaha!


Mich said...

Hi Jacqui, it was nice meeting you too! Naku, kakatuwa ka nga kse tawa ka ng tawa. I had fun talga!:) Yeah, next EB natin, more time kse wla ng kids. hehehe!

Have a great weekend! :)

Kelly said...

actually, jacqui, kaya ko sinuot yung blouse ko eh para talaga magmukha akong payat. alam ko kasi mga slim mommies ang makikita ko sa party eh :)

Apols said...

jacqui, maingay din ako ni person at lalong di ako soft spoken bwahahahaha......buti na lang nagmukha akong anghel ng araw na un LOLS

Peachy said...

Jacqui, kasama ko lang si Gelo kaya soft spoken ako Hahahaha! Uy, you should try black and white, i know it will suit you best :) enjoy ako syo ha, forever happy ka talaga :) excited ako to see you sa next EB.. sexier Mommy Jacqui pala ah :)

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