Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gifts for Christmas: Toys for Sam

This Christmas, I am thinking of buying Dora the Explorer Three-Wheeled scooter bike for Sam. I saw this last week at Toys R Us Galleria Mall. Price really affordable :)

I am a little bit hesitant since I know it's quite dangerous giving her this scooter. But... after giving her Dora the Explorer bike last Christmas, I think she can handle this one. (she bikes now with great ease!)

Oh definitely the scooter will be bought together with protective gears like helmet, elbow and knee pads... but still, I am having second thoughts.

What do you think Mommy experts? Care to share your two cents?


Jane said...

wow, buti pa si sam magaling mag bike. si sophia super tamad. she just wants to be pushed all the time haha.

re scooter, hmm, if it was me, based sa kulit factor ng anak ko, no. but its up to you. you should know better if sam can handle it.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi jane. due time, mag-bike na din yan si sophie :) si sam kasi super likot and sporty..lalaki ata ito! hahaha!

re: scooter.. still thinking about it. I asked yaya if kaya nya..oo naman daw. I was told pa nga she borrows pala scooter ng neighbor namin , 6 years old yun ha! she don't know how to use it..pasakay-sakay lang. :) hence, really considering of getting her this. :)

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