Friday, November 30, 2007

Good bye November... see you next year!

NOVEMBER is my favorite month of the year...

Well, it used to be December but ever since I met Mike, November became my happiest (or blessed) month ever!

Here are some of our events/milestones summary:

November 29, 2003: The night Mike proposed on top of The Peak Tower, Makati.

November 4, 2004: I gave birth to a very cutie, pretty baby girl, Samantha Gabrielle.

November 4, 2005: Sam's first birthday party! con-celebrated her birthday with the success of her Hirschsprung Disease operation.

November 19, 2005: Got my early Christmas gift from Mike. My first-ever brand new car! He paid 50% downpayment for my car..and the balance, ako na daw taya for monthly amortization! abuso na daw...hahaha!

November 30, 2006: Our dream house was finally completed and was ceremonially turned-over to us. We have our own house na! Woohoohoo!

November 12-15, 2007: Got lots and lots of moolah!! (as if ang dami noh! lol.) Well aside from bonuses, commissions and incentives from our company, got other source of "blessings" pa. Really beyond my expectations! :)

The husband would always say if November is my "happiest" month of the year, this is his "saddest" month of the year.


Well...every November he's financially depleted daw. Hahaha! Ever since he met me, he never tasted his payday bonuses and incentives. t's with me na daw. Like his first November month with me, instead of buying new car, naibili nya ng engagement ring! Hahaha! Kawawa naman...

But, I would always say..."well, at least I got one month lang each year, and you still got 11 months to enjoy and save for me again!" Hahaha!

So, thank you and goodbye November 2007... looking forward seeing you again next year! :)


Something Purple said...

hahahah this is a cute and hilarious entry =P

Mich said...

wow, ang daming events kapag November for you ano! Buti ka pa, hehee! :)

Anonymous said...

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