Monday, May 30, 2011

off to go camping

I love outdoor camping. In fact this is one of my favorite activity during my girl scout days so many years ago. I always look forward of exploring nature, be on your own out there ... cooking meal from scratch, sleeping under the stars, bonfire story-telling and all those bonding activities like song and dance number which made my camping days really a memorable one. And now that I am already a parent, I would love to do camping again. But this time with my kids! I want them to experience nature, learn how to survive in the wild and not just by being stuck home the entire summer watching tv and playing video games. And if budget permits, I would even want to get those trailer hitches for our SUV, bring along bikes or trailer trucks as our home camp, away from the busy city and just enjoy relaxing weekend or setting out on a great camping adventure with the family. If only I could ...

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