Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bag hunt

It's been a while since I've posted my purse wish ... not sure why but definitely I've been sooo good this year. My last bag purchase was late last year, a Longchamp Limited Edition Bag -- Miyajima print for my collection. And it's almost half of the year, no new bag conquest yet. I am incredibly good, eh?

BUT, I think this would change. With my friend off to Paris in a few days, I've been busy checking all bag sites. Can't exactly point what I actually want but so far, I managed to still "lust" for the bags below ... all in black.

YSL Muse Large in Black Leather (pardon photo in Patent leather)

Chanel Mademoissele bowling bag large in Iridiscent Calf leather

Hmmm...not 100% sure yet but I think I am more inclined to get a new office bag with different style this time. I've been eyeing the Muse since last year and I think this would be the best time to get a new bag for myself ... what do you think? Any bag reco?


mm said...

how mch is the mademoissele in europe? saw it in hk ang mahal na grabe! pero sabi hubby pangit daw kontrabida lng para d ako bumili hehehe pero saw a gray one and light green nice=)

Jacqui said...

nice talaga? hmmm... naintriga tuloy ako. pero ang mahal kasi sa hk ng chanel eh. how much dun? naalala mo?

mm said...

nice sya 20k plus hkd ang mahal na tlga!!! kaloka ah

susan said...

louis vuitton handbags on sale are now of high quality than ever.

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