Saturday, May 21, 2011

Disney countdown ...

The little girl is counting the days 'til will be off to the happiest place on earth. She's very excited with the Hongkong trip not because she'll get to see the Disney princesses and the characters, but she's more excited that it will be her little brother's first Disney trip. And she's been babbling for days now on what to see, what to prepare for her brother's trip. Very thoughtful and sweet ATE, indeed.

For this trip, will be my early birthday celebration as the kids will be back in school by first week of June. And so as not to hamper their school days, decided to move the trip two weeks earlier. Will be having a simple itinerary as the kids with me and as this will be our nth HK visit, decided to spend most of our trip inside Disneyland...and a little shopping time for myself. Hihihi!

Day 1

7am: depart Manila

11am: check in at Marco Polo Gateway

1pm : malling at harbour view

6pm : avenue of the stars

Day 2: city for more shopping time

Day 3: transfer to HK Disney Hollywood Hotel

enjoy Disneyland

Day 4: breakfast at enchanted garden

last minute shopping at Tun Chung

depart HK for Manila

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