Thursday, May 19, 2011

blog reviews

Any idea how rankpay sites are done? It was introduced to me by some of my blogging friends as they believe it gives better leverage for their blog sites to be on the top list for Google search results. As I am not very particular how it works, my friends told me that it is an effective tool whenever for sites to be visited by readers. Certain key words are typed for search, the site appears on the top list. Ideally, the site must be found within the first three pages for readers to browse. If you ask me, this is an effective marketing tool if you want your site to be frequently visited by customers. Aside from asking people to write blog or product reviews, it helps that these reviews directly linked to the seller site by simple click. Though some sellers pay more just to be on the top search list, I would like to think that it still depends on the keywords used or hits your site receives in order to be on the top search list.

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