Wednesday, May 11, 2011

bike hobby

The husband must be dreaming ... no way would I allow him to get his own four-wheel all terrain vehicle (ATV). Aside from my personal issues about its safety, I doubt if it will be practical to own one as we live in the city. No way we could maximize the functionality of an ATV in the metro, right? I guess his dream of owning one was greatly influenced by his cousin who is very active in ATV races. His cousin, who by the way already a PRO in ATV racing, not only assembles his own bike, he is also a huge fan of dressing it up by getting polaris rzr accessories Mind you, the price to own the bike is nowhere cheap. And dressing it up with accessories even more expensive. And the returns, well ...according to our cousin, very rewarding, all worth it! Let's see. Now the husband is even more eager to own his dream bike. Yay!

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