Monday, May 30, 2011

security benefits

Back from our short but sweet Disney vacation!

And before I post about our family travel experience, allow me to share must read social security benefits I found on the net. This was shared to me by my blog friends and very alarming reality for people who wish to claim their social security benefits :

If you're thinking about taking on the Social Security Administration (SSA) alone, get ready for a long, long fight – 65 percent of all initial disability claims are denied and the average wait time can be two to four years.

Scary, isn't it? Aside from all the paperworks, long waiting lines, medical jargons ... many people trust and recommend getting local attorney or better yet, Allsup. As the company completes Social Security forms be it done either electronically, by phone or mail – including the Activities of Daily Living questionnaire. Hassle-free. They even gather relevant medical records and documents from health care professionals to simplify and expedite the application process. In fact, the company charges once claim approved, and the fee fixed or set by Social Security Administration. Do check it out.

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