Thursday, May 19, 2011

on healthy eating

In a few weeks time, I'll be a year older again. I am not excited as I used to be whenever my birthday arrives but somehow this time, I feel like I am too old already. It's as if I am running out of time, and I have not yet accomplished anything in my life. Bad, right?

And as I am not getting any younger, I am now more conscious with my skin. I now have anti-ageing cream, and religiously apply moisturizers and sun blocks on my face. Yes, only this year that I became conscious with my skin (late bloomer, du-uh!) Also, aside from taking care of my skin, I am now cautious with my food intake. Less fat and oily food, more protein. In fact, I now take vitamin supplements, do colon cleanse detox and drink tea to improve my well-being.

Yes, all of these things I've realized now that I am almost down the hill ... too late, eh?

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