Thursday, June 2, 2011

bag post!

I am not a Chloe purse fan, but my friend suggested that this purse indeed deserves a second look. My initial reaction, leather too thick and heavy. The design, well ...nice, but not that stunningly nice like my first love for LV epi leather. And as I search more about Chloe bag, I really think it really deserves a second look. And the two must-have Chloe bag ...

Chloe Paraty

simple design with less hardware. leather soft and slouchy but the shape is structured, In fact, the paraty is not too heavy like the paddington bag. Bag selling price at $1995

Chloe Marcie :

large, camel color ... simple yet beautiful, lines sleek and clean but very feminine. Selling at $1790 at Net-a-Porter

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