Saturday, May 14, 2011

the pretty ATE

Little baby no more... Yes, she's our sweet, pretty ATE SAMANTHA. No longer the baby of the family. She amazes me day by day by her wit and funny antics. She's growing so fast and we can't stop her. She thinks more like a little adult, act with care and refinement at her age, picks her own dress as she's gifted with fashion sense too. And as we are preparing for her upcoming 7th birthday, she's also in-charge with her party! Yes, most of the party ideas and decisions checked by the little girl. In fact, she even checks Personal Creations ?Linked In facebook account for gift token ideas for her party. Yes, she's very much involved with her party. And by next month, she's already grade school. How time flies ... if I can only stop it and keep her as my baby.

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