Tuesday, May 17, 2011

health care concerns

As I was doing research about point of care cart, I can't help but wonder if the medical field now goes full blown IT outsourcing. Yes, given that my new thrust in the company to launch Managed Services as a product, I've been very busy understanding the needs of every industry possible that would require possible IT assistance. And suddenly realized that our company is missing a lot of opportunities from the health care providers. A huge potential for telco service provider like us, as we may not be a telco transport provider for telephone or data lines for daily operations use, but we can offer full Managed Services suite to include software applications (ie: medical transcriptions), equipment, and even physical or logical security systems to keep track patients records. And the health care providers are the best candidate to have a back up or disaster recovery system in place to ensure all historical health concerns addressed with no missed data records. Huge opportunity and market, indeed. If I can only launch a customized product for health care industry soon, I guess this would be the perfect solution for our comapny to address new revenue stream...

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