Saturday, May 21, 2011

back to school shopping

In a few weeks time, it's back to school again. This means I need to shop again for kid's school essentials. Aside from school supplies like pads and pens, I need to get the school uniforms, leather shoes and of course, rubber shoes for PE class.

However this year, my highschooler son Ico, request is to get him a rubber shoes designed for hiking and trekking instead the usual basketball shoes. He saw nice pair of Nike ACG on sale, fashionable look with serious performance. As he and his classmates are bound to do a lot of hiking this year, he's keen on getting nice pair of Nike ACG below. Price reasonable for Nike and I just hope these models available online.

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Tutti said...

Now that the back-to-school season nears, planning and preparing the budget is very important especially if you have more than one child to send to school. Here's a back-to-school shopping tips

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