Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Party Preps for MIL

I was tapped by my lovable MIL to help her organize her 60th birthday party this coming December. Isn't that great! :) Party planning again for me ... but this time, MIL’s budget! :)

She asked me to help her prepare for 150 guests who are mostly co-teachers, close friends and relatives. It will be simple party to be held at their residence, but I wanted to ensure that everything would be “simply perfect” for her… wow, pressure! Hahaha! Rarely does my MIL celebrate this “big” and I wanted it to be truly special and memorable for her.

I’ve got lost of birthday gimmicks and surprises lined up for her and I can’t wait to share all these. Almost every night I would make kulit to hubby, sharing different party ideas and verify MIL’s preferences. He would always say, “ooopsss, bakit kasama kami dyan?” or “mas excited ka pa sa Mommy ko ah!” Hahaha! True, I am really excited for her. Bakit ba?! :)

I guess my excitement was so contagious that I was able to influence my MIL to shift to party mode immediately. Surprisingly, she asked for my favorite curtain maker last weekend and asked for new curtain design for their home. She told my curtain maker that she wanted to change all her old (lace curtains, hehehe!) to a new design like mine. She wanted the grommet-style curtains this time in preparation for the festivities this coming December. She liked daw how my curtains made, simple and yet elegant looking. (Naaks…syempre, deep inside happy ako kasi she’s proud how I fix our home!)

So… off to Larry’s curtain again this weekend at Divisoria with MIL :) Bonding moments again… and si hubby, “Oh no… Mommy and Jacqui together = longer shopping time! lol.


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

aliw ako sa pagbasa ng post mo Jacqui. :) Bihira lang kasi yung good MIL and DIL relationships eh.


Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Nice.

Think the secret talaga ng happy in-laws relationships... never be under one roof! :)

syempre, this will give you freedom to move freely...no in-laws watching you! then you get to miss each other...hahaha! :)

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