Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Baby

Nope, I am not pregnant… no new addition to the family!

But, got myself a new baby…. My new Nokia 6300 mobile phone! Yehheey! Finally, I was able to upgrade my phone after two years. Hahaha!

I am not a techie gadget-type person, but I love everything about this phone. Aside from its usual mobile phone function, it has integrated MP3 player and stereo FM radio. Nice camera with 2 mega pixel quality and 8x digital zoom. And you can take great videos too! Really cool, huh! :)

And best of all, it is very stylish, sleek with matte stainless steel finish. Elegant looking! Simple and easy to use and… very affordable too! (real winner for non-techie person like me, promise!)

So there you go…out of my frustrations to get myself new LV bag (still, no available stock btw!), I opted to upgrade my mobile phone instead. Hah!

Gosh! I can’t stop spending …mauubos ko na budget ko for my LV bag! lol.


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

that's my dream phone jacqui. hihihi. Pero gang dream lang because i don't want to spend my money on phones. nawawala ko lang kasi.

Enjoy! ganda sha kasi it's slim and nice ang features. pang girl talaga. :)

Mich said...

wow, seems like a nice phone! congrats! :)

Jen said...

Start the paid blogging and you'll never run out budget hahahaha :)

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