Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I'm Annoying ... The husband speaks!

Think it would be better if the husband answer this. Syempre, I am biased noh! LOL! Here’s what my hubby has to say:
note: believe me, unedited version ito ha! I really asked him to do this tag :)

What happened? : This is what she always ask when something happens … even if the answer is obvious & glaring at her face. Seems that a confirmation is always a requirement.

Told you so!: Somehow, it’s never her fault. In everything that happened, someone is to blame … except her. Talk about passing the buck :) She never runs out of comment (and side comments) even if the discussion is about, say, politics.

Conspiracy Theory : For somebody who loves to read, she has an explanation for everything … as in everything. And that’s why we rarely watch the news … politics & her theories sometimes don’t jive :) It’s a good thing though that its just me hearing it.

Connect the dots : She has a God-given talent of making all things connected. Even how independent/separate two incidents are … somehow there’s a (bizarre) connecting between the two.

Honey, which is better? : For her it’s always about choices. Everything boils down to two options … and, mind you, she won’t rest until she gets an answer. Although she has made up her mind on the issue … still she would ask for your opinion (talk about democracy!). But when you make a choice … she would always have a comment about it.

An Excuse for all seasons : Whenever a confrontation happened, she never runs out of excuses … even to a point that she would say that the reason she’s buying something is because she was “deprived” when she was a kid. And since when that was related?! :) Come to think of it, she always gets away with it!

“Really?” : Often times, she would ask a not-so-mind-challenging question, which requires a not-so-mind-challenging answer. But even with all the sarcastic emotion-less response made … she would still say, “Really?” Aaarrrgghhh!!!! :)

Saving for the wrong reasons : Whenever we do our monthly grocery, she would always see to it that we save a few bucks on buying “bundled” or “promo” products. Thrift, I would say. Even emphasizing how much savings is being realized. But when it comes to buying certain things that requires serious consultation … expensive bags, watch, appliance etc…those things are bought on instinct! :) Of course, savings is non-existent during these times.

Jacqui: Ok…ok… fine, my fault na nga… pero, sometimes lang ha! lol.
That’s why I love you Honey, you always let me win and let me off the hook easily… or… too tired to argue since you know you’ll never win, anyway? Thanks Honey for doing this tag!

Thanks for the tag, Joy.
My husband enjoyed doing this! Hahaha! :)


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

hahaha! the revenge of the husband. :)

have a great week ahead Jacqui!


Joy said...

hi jaqcui,

ang sweet naman ni hubby! his annoying list sounded really endearing ;)


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