Monday, October 29, 2007

Party Preps Update

Barely one week to go for Sam’s 3rd birthday party.

Mommy is very much excited and worried since it’s been raining for the past weekends non-stop. I’m already contemplating of getting tents as back up, but thinking about the additional expense, it made me think twice! My other back up plan is to seek help from the Big Man up there by offering prayers and eggs to monastery of Sta. Clara :) Wow, great back up plan huh! lol. :)

Budget wise, I am already way beyond my original budget… as always! I just noticed the other day that I am close to 30% above my target expenses. Shocks… the small, petty things like pabitin toys, give-aways and prizes bought months back was a surprise when I started adding them up. Hah!! Talk about being uber excited! :) Good thing cash flow was manageable since I was able to provide partial payments to suppliers ahead of time.

So with barely one week to go, what have I accomplished so far?

… party invitations sent out (still for completion this week!)
… suppliers mostly paid already with minimal balance left as service guarantee.
… last minute party details coordinated with Jelly Bellies and Josiah’s.
… cupcakes finalized from Elaine Shih (need to remind her cake stand rental)
pabitin toys, piñata candies, balloon burst prizes and lootbag goodies with thank you tags already completed.
… themed lilo and stitch tarps printed and already delivered.
… 30 pcs balloon burst prizes already wrapped.

Still pending
… final decision if to get party host (been delaying this for weeks now!)
… themed piñata design from Apple (N@W)
… pabitin toys awaiting for set up.
… cookie lollies tokens for older kids – need to confirm this order asap!
… remind the village security for traffic re-routing.
… decision on tents, tents and tents! Need to check weather forecast by Thursday.

Yes, still cramming… Well, I almost forgot these things since I’ve been very busy lately! Hahaha! But no worries…I’m certain everything will fall into its proper places on the day of the event. *cross fingers*

Wish me luck! :)

Our guestroom cum stock room for Sam's party favors


popcorn said...

Good luck with the party planning :)

popcorn said...

... btw, was just gonna comment na ang daming loot bags nyan!

Joy said...

grabe pati ako naeexcite LOL

abie said...


Ang cute ng give away ni Sam. Mukhang all set na for Sam's birthday. Ako mukhnag mag cramming na. Di pa kami tapos sa invites, tarp and souvenir...hehehe...

Bahala na. Good luck ulit sis and excited na ako for Sam's party.

abie said...

Tsaka sis, effective talaga ang pag alay ng itlog sa Sta. Clara.

Don't worry,pag pray ko na din umulan sa bday ni Sam. Noong birthday din ni Bela, umuulan lagi up to Thursday. Buti na lang di agad ako nag rent ng tent. And come saturday afternoon, super ganda ng weather. Nadadaan talaga lahat sa dasal..hehehe

Mich said...

awwwm naku lapit na ang party! can't wait for the pictures and kwento. have fun! ;)

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