Tuesday, October 2, 2007

still sleeping...

I just can’t resist taking picture of Sam and Daddy while sleeping…

This is how my two babies sleep on a weekend…. So peaceful and funny! Look at Sam’s favorite sleeping position… nakatuwad pa! Hahaha!

Both of them still sleeping while Mommy busy preparing yummy lunch! (Sam's fave: shrimp sinigang, Daddy 's favorite: Inihaw na Liempo)

Still sleeping....and to think I took this picture at 11:20am!!


Jane said...

funny naman position ni sam mag sleep and 11:20 tulog pa? what time does she go to sleep at night ba? sophia kse super aga gumisng!

Peachy said...

ganyan din position in joaqui when he sleeps. Pero grabe ha, at 11:20 am eh tulog pa sila hehehe:) sarap naman

Joy said...

same question as jane's. what time natutulog si sam? :D kaaliw naman ung pose nilang mag-ama.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Peachy, Jane and Joy,

Yup..this is Sam’s favorite sleeping position…”naka-tuwad” :) Funny nga kasi sometimes when I wake up, yun butt or feet nya already infront of my face na! Likot matulog kasi eh!

Your kids ba “literally, umiikot” when they sleep? Despite putting them to correct sleeping position, you’ll just see na lang na naka-horizontal ulit sya pag madaling araw? My Sam would always be like this… Naiinis na nga minsan si hubby kasi he can’t sleep properly kasi Sam would always move around and get his bed space. He ends up sleeping halfway ng bed with his feet dangling na. Hehehe!

Re: sleeping time. Naku… we are the bad parents! Since both of us working, we allow Sam to sleep very late. Late as in… past 11pm gising pa sya! This is our playtime with her na kasi since both of us are working. DVD Elmo time starts at 8pm, kwentos and play time with us by 10pm...and sometimes, we call pa food delivery by 11pm. Bonding time namin din kasi yun late night snack! Naku, very bad no!

So when we leave for work by 8am...tulog pa si Sam. Rarely she wakes earlier than this. Usually, she wakes up at 10am. Eat breakfast and take a bath, then off to school by 11am. Her class ends by 130pm. So after eating her lunch, siesta time by 230pm to 5pm. Her usual afternoon nap more than 3 hours lagi.

For weekends, mas late pa sya gumising. Kasi she sleeps soundly especially if Daddy (or Mommy) still sleeping at her side. Mas masarap tulog nya pag may katabi :)Eh si hubby, super late sleeper pag weekends.. so ayun, contest sila lagi sa tulog!

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